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The Most Stupid and Dangerous Thing Our Goverment Has Ever Done

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I know my blog is typically focused on LOTO excellence, but I have to briefly use my platform to make an attempt to protect our nation from harm.  From time to time, our government does stupid things.  Democrats and Republicans can all agree on this point, even though the “stupid thing” may differ.  A few weeks ago, our government did something that is so stupid, so incredibly short sighted, that Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents should all be outraged.  This ridiculous act will not only further diminish the US as a world power, but stands to destroy freedom of speech as well as our economy.  Our government decided to relinquish control of the Internet.   Yes, you heard right.  The communications network that ties the whole world together, enables our businesses, houses our healthcare data, connects the smart power grid, and stands as the largest source of free speech in the world and the history of mankind.  Our government felt like it was a good idea if we allowed an as yet unnamed multinational group to take control. 

 Some things can’t be argued. For instance, the US invented and built the Internet.  Going back to the ARPANET days, we engineered and built the lowest foundation of it all.  The physical infrastructure, the naming systems, the security systems, the transmission protocols – are all American made.  Not just engineered by American minds; funded by American taxpayer dollars.  Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet, but he did play a significant role, notably his sponsorship of the legislation called the High-Performance Computing Act of 1991.  That one piece of legislation alone, signed into law by George H. W. Bush on December 9th, 1991, appropriated billions of US taxpayer dollars to the development and construction of the “Information Superhighway” which eventually became the Internet that we all know and love today.  That’s right; it was authored by a Democrat and signed into law by a Republican.  Remember when our government used to get things done that way?

 Since then, the Internet has been controlled by a non-profit group of incredibly intelligent individuals called ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  Your IP address, your website address, your email address, and every other one are managed by them.  The security systems that protect you and your data are managed by them.  The plumbing that lets you browse the web, send emails, pay your bills, your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Instagram, your Twitter, your Reddit, are all capably managed by this group of the best and brightest.  It is not just Americans any more.  There are people of many nationalities, so the world is represented.  But, what is of paramount importance is that this group has been contracted by the US government.  Most importantly, funded by a country that has a First Amendment.  Does our government think that giving up control to someone who doesn’t have a First Amendment is going to increase openness and freedom on the Internet?  If they do, we are back to stupid again.  As I mentioned earlier, ICANN is a non-profit organization.  How would you like to start paying more fees for your Internet service?  Would you like to pay those fees to China?  Maybe Russia?

 As an American and a fan of freedom, I must request that every one of you write or email your Senator, your Representative, and any other government employee you so desire and protest this decision.  For a moment, please forget Bengazi, Obamacare, the Tea Party, the IRS Scandal, Flight MH370, and the Ukraine.  Our country is placed in far greater jeopardy by this decision.  It is time for us to all be Americans and demand what is best for America.